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SSL Certificate Decoder

Decode SSL Certificate & Verify Your SSL Certificate Contains Correct Information

An SSL context certificate contains all of the essential information about the certificate, which might need to be clarified. After all, it is encrypted into a string of random texts. Well, that’s where the Certificate tool comes in.

A certificate decoder tool decodes and views the contents of an SSL/TLS certificate to check the certificate’s cryptographic keys and signature to ensure that it has not been tampered with.

To use a certificate decoder tool, you must have the certificate in either PFX, PEM, or DER format. You can then copy and paste the certificate’s contents into the tool, which will display the information contained in the certificate. This can include the common name (CN), organization name (O), organizational unit (OU), locality (L), state (ST), country (C), valid from and valid to dates, issuer, and serial number.

Copy your encrypted CSR Data “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE —– Encrypted Data —–END CERTIFICATE—–“ and paste it into the text box. Your Certificate information will be displayed.

Once you install the SSL certificate on your website, you can submit the SSL certificate here to verify and assure that it's working correctly.