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Certificate Key Matcher

Free Tool to Match Your Private Keys, CSR & SSL Certificate

Often, website owners lose their private key, and to get it back, they have to generate a new CSR. There are also times when you have generated your CSR and then found out the private key is lost. Well, this can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, there is a tool that can help you with that situation. That is the Certificate key matcher tool.

The certificate Key Matcher tool checks whether or not a private key matches a certificate or a certificate matches a certificate signing request (CSR). Then, it simply compares a public key hash from the private key, the SSL certificate, or the CSR certificate.

When you are dealing with multiple different certificates, losing track of which CSR was used to generate which certificate or which certificate goes with which private key. The Certificate Key Matcher tool makes it convenient the determination whether or not a private key matches or a CSR matches a certificate.

Want to Check Whether Your Certificate Matches or Not?

Your private key is intended to remain on the server. While we try to make this process as secure as possible by using SSL to encrypt the key when it is sent to the server, for complete security, we recommend that you manually check the public key hash of the private key on your server using the OpenSSL commands above.