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Here’s How to Check the CSR Content

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a block of encoded text that is generated on the server where the SSL certificate will be installed. CSR files contain information about the organization, such as the domain name, organizational name, location, and, most importantly, the public key that will be used to establish a secure connection between the server and client. A mistake in it might result in not getting an SSL. You wouldn’t want to take that risk. Allow CSR Decoder to do the job.

A CSR decoder tool allows you to see the information contained in a CSR. This can be useful for checking the information’s accuracy or troubleshooting issues with the certificate installation process. To use a CSR decoder tool, enter the CSR code into the provided field and click the ‘Decode’ button. The tool will then display the information contained in the CSR.

Similarly, CSR starts with:


And ends with:


Note: At the time of submitting CSR, you're required to copy from beginning till end along with dashes.