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Organization Validation SSL Certificate

OV SSL Certificate, Ensuring Secure Transmission for Every Bit and Enhanced User Trust

An Organization Validation SSL Certificate is always the first alternative when looking for a better option to secure business sites. It’s more secure, efficient, and trusted by the end-users than DV SSL. In addition, Organization Validated (OV) SSL aids in improving the company’s legitimacy across browsers and other digital platforms. Selecting it or not requires a complete understanding, so let’s get it further, all in one place.

What is Organization Validation SSL Certificate

What is Organization Validation SSL Certificate?

Organization Validation SSL (OV SSL) Certificate is a digital solution providing a secure communication channel for websites, online portals, and applications. Most organizations prefer the OV certificate for their website, processing personal user information.

OV SSL Certificate is way more advanced and offers better protection than Domain Validation SSL Certificate. Moreover, its vetting procedure, issuance time, compatibility, and trust indicators are also superior to the DV certificate. For businesses already present on digital platforms and preparing to come on board, an Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate is an essential requirement for them.

In the SSL hierarchy, three types of validations are present, Domain Validation, Organization Validation, and Extended Validation. Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates come in between DV and EV certificates. Hence, it’s ahead of DV but lacks some factors to compete with EV.

In addition, OV SSL comes in below variations, fulfilling your business needs:

  • Single Domain OV SSL Certificates (To Secure a Single Domain)
  • Multi-Domain OV SSL Certificates (To Secure Multiple Domains under your organization)
  • Wildcard OV SSL Certificates (To Secure an Unlimited number of Sub-Domains)

The Procedure To Avail Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

The Organization Validation vetting process is entirely different from the DV SSL procedure. You must submit the complete documents to the Certificate Authority to pass the validation.

During the OV validation procedure, CA attests to the physical address and government business registration document and calls your organization’s number.

The List of Documents for the OV vetting process includes the following. However, you have to submit the documents mentioned by your CA only.

  • For Business Identity Verification
    • Government Registration of the Company
    • Dun & Bradstreet Report
    • POLs (Professional Opinion Letters)
    • A letter containing necessary business details, attested and approved by an attorney or Certificate Authority
  • For Physical Address
    • Government-registered business license
  • For Verification Call
    • Company’s contact number, present in a government or third-party telephone registry

Once you prepare all your documents and submit them to the CA, the following process will get initiated.

Business Validation

At the first step of the vetting process, CA will analyze the details mentioned in business identity verification documents. Primarily, the CA will focus on the organization’s name, active period, and legality. The primary purpose of performing this assessment is to confirm that the business is registered with the government and has a valid operating license.

In addition, the processing time will get shorter if you submit a Dun & Bradstreet report or a POL. The CAs trust the documents from Dun & Bradstreet and documents having attestation from another authorized CA.

Address Verification

To avail of the Organization Validated SSL Certificate, your firm must have a physical address. And to prove your presence, you must submit a lease agreement, property-owning document, or a utility bill with the address details.

Furthermore, your address details must be available in the government database to pass this step.

Contact Number Confirmation

With the application to get an OV Code Signing Certificate, you have to submit a working telephone number. The CA will check the submitted number in the government database. If it doesn’t get discovered, CA will switch to finding it in a third-party registry.

Once the telephone number gets validated, CA will move to the domain check step.

Domain Check

Likewise, Domain Validation Certificate Authority offers three options to pass domain checks. The first option is to verify domain ownership through a verification link sent to the registered email address. Further, you can use the file verification by uploading the file sent by CA into the root directory. And the third option is CNAME verification. Under the CNAME method, you must create a CNAME record under the domain and navigate it to the certificate authority.

Verification Call To Finalize Decision

Once the CA gets satisfied with all the details in the documents mentioned above, you will get a verification call. The conversation lasts for some minutes, as the CA’s representative will only verify the business details.  

When Do You Require an Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate?

Most businesses utilize the OV SSL Certificate, as it aids them in transmitting confidential data in an encrypted format. The OV certificate is for you if you have a website or an online portal that collects sensitive information, such as login credentials and personal details.

In addition, you can secure multiple domains and sub-domains with a single OV SSL Certificate.

For instance, if you have a domain and multiple associated sub-domains, you can select Wildcard OV SSL Certificate. It will help you configure organization-level security at each sub-domain. And, if you have multiple domains, you can leverage the features of a Multi-Domain OV SSL certificate.

A Comprehensive Insight: Difference Between OV and EV SSL Certificate

Organization Validation SSL and Extended Validation SSL Certificate both are primarily for organizations. However, there’s a vast difference between the both. And to understand it, let’s look at the table below.

BasisOV SSL CertificateEV SSL Certificate
Vetting ProcessA business must have a physical address and a working telephone number to complete the validation process. Along with domain verification, CA also calls to confirm the business details.To be eligible for EV validation, your organization must be active from recent three years. CA undergoes every minor detail in the submitted document and confirms the information by calling.
Security for Financial and Medical DataOV SSL certificate encrypts data with SHA-256 bit standard.EV SSL certificate complies with PCI-DSS and HIPPA standards to securely process financial transactions and electronic medical data.
Trust IndicatorsA Padlock symbol, Company Name on the certificate, and dynamic site sealA Padlock symbol, Dynamic Site Seal, and company details on the certificate
Issuance Time1 to 3 days3 to 5 days
AffordabilityExpensive than DV but cheaper than EV certificatesExpensive than both DV and OV certificates

The Exclusive Features of the Organization Validation SSL Certificate

An Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates from authentic certificate authorities leverage with:

  • Compatibility with 99.9% of mobile and web browsers
  • 256-Bit Encryption
  • 24/7 support from SSL experts
  • Warranty amount up to $1,000,000
  • Unbounded Server License
  • Multiple Trust Indicators (Site Seal, Padlock, and HTTPS in URL)
  • Issuance within three days of submitting the documents
  • Money Back Guarantee within the 30-days from purchase

Final Words

An Organization Validation SSL certificate is a cutting-edge solution for a website collecting input from the user. It maintains the data integrity, confidentiality, and availability of files shared between the browser and the server. In addition, to avail of the OV certificate, the business has to undergo a meticulous vetting process. And it only gets issued if the company is registered and has a physical address, domain, and telephone number.

Furthermore, an Organization Validation (OV) SSL is a reliable solution to protect a single domain, multiple domains, and sub-domains. It is capable of covering your web security requirements. Hopefully now you will get a better understanding of what is an OV SSL certificate in this article.

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