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Write and get Published – Web Security, SSL, Encryption, Cyber Security…We Cover it all

Data breach is on the rise, and with the aim of combating it by educating people, SSLWiki is started. By providing a platform to educate readers about the importance of cybersecurity, we hope to make the Internet a safe and secure place.

Do you have a knack for good writing and wish to share your take on web security? If yes, you, too, can be a part of this revolution of educating individuals, website owners, and business owners. Become a guest blogger and get a remarkable chance to showcase your expertise in this area. As long as your content is relevant to the industry and does full justice to the quality, we will accept it at our write for us.

What Type of Article or Blog Post Do We Publish?

As the name suggests, SSLWiki is all about educating Internet users about SSL/TLS and all the information related to this subject. However, we are not just limited to it. Anything related to online security is also our area of focus. So, our blogs majorly focus on Cybersecurity, SSL Certificates, Cloud Security, and Browser Security. However, if there is any other important information you think would be helpful, we are happy to accept it.

Submit Guest Post on Web Security/Software Security

If you have guest posts revolving around the topics of Web Security and Software Security, SSLWiki will accept them. As a guest writer, you have the liberty of writing and submitting your guest post on topics like Cyber Security, Web security, Software Security, types of web security, web security products, how to secure websites, web applications, web security problems, software security tools, types of cyber-attacks, web security solutions, internet security, and many more.

Are you knowledge enough about the above-mentioned topics? If yes, we welcome you to this community of technical bloggers:

You can Submit Guest Post on Relevant Topics as

  • Website Security
  • SSL Certificate
  • WordPress
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Backup
  • Email Security
  • Software Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Cloud Computing

Who will Read your Content?

  • Internet Savvy Individuals
  • Information Technology Audience
  • CybersecuritySpecialists/Bloggers
  • Customers looking for a Review of SSL or Certificate Authority
  • Web Privacy & Data Professionals

Who can Write to us?

  • Cybersecurity Specialists
  • Web Developer
  • Information Technology Bloggers
  • Technical Writers

Why Write for our Platform?

  • Leaders among the Web Security Readers
  • Gain Traction to your Brand
  • Gain Benefits
  • Improve knowledge of web security
  • Redirecting Targeted Visitors

If you have got blog posts that have titles like How to, Learn, Tips, Guide, Why, Best, etc., we would love to post them. These titles attract an audience to read your blogs.

Our Acceptance Criteria

Always adhere to the acceptance criteria mentioned below before you submit an article or blog post:

  • A Unique Eye-Caching Article Title
  • A minimum of 1200+ words of content length
  • Suitable article image in .png or .jpeg file format, matching with the type of content (1300px X 696px dimensions)
  • The content must be high-quality and relevant to subjects that have not been published before
  • Avoid plagiarism and spinning of content
  • Give credit to copyrighted images, videos & other media which are not your own
  • Links of 3-5 published articles on other platforms
  • We don’t allow do follow the links

In case your blogs don’t match any one of the above-mentioned criteria or are not relevant to the mentioned categories, we have all the rights to not post them.

What are the Blogs which Might get Rejected?

  • Topics that are already covered
  • Blogs heavily promoting your organization or company
  • Offensive or Inaccurate information
  • Bad-mouthing any organization
  • Click-bait or link-building attempts

We suggest you send us a word document containing video or image URLs that are a part of your blog. Note that we might ask for changes as we want a successful blog. Also, the blog might be edited in case of clarity, grammar, or quality improvement. Based on the schedule, this might take around 10-15 working days to get live on our website.